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1. The sanded beaches

Dive into the clear crystal waters of the island. Lesvos has a huge coastline with a lot of small and big beaches of all types.  There are also many beaches away from the major tourist spots so don’t be afraid to venture off on your own and capture your experiences!

2. The amazing landscape

Wander arround the natural areas of Lesvos , where you can enjoy unique sceneries , relax and let yourself free under the beautiful views of the Aegean sea. The island has also a huge variety of flora & fauna.

3. The traditional cuisine

Lesvos is worldwide known for its best quality of virgin olive oil. Combining this , with the delicious traditional cuisine the result is extremely tasty.  Mousaka , Greek Salad , Tzatziki , Fresh fishes , Ntolmadakia (Stuffed vine leaves) , Gyros are some favourite dishes of locals ad tourists too. 

4. Shopping

Shopping in traditional markets of Lesvos is a pleasant experience. You can choose between various local products like virgin olive oil , olives , handmade sandals , homemade spoon sweets , feta cheese , wine , ouzo and more.

5. Activities

Scuba diving , trekking , birdwatching , water sports , biking , horse & donkey riding , hiking , fishing are some of the activities you can do in the island. A lot of tourists are coming every year for adventure and new experiences

6. Feel the philoxenia(hospitality)

Locals are ready to treat their guests and make them feel more than comfortable. Warm hospitality , or in Greek “Philoxenia” ,  is rooted in the Greek way of living. 

7. Highlights & museums

The island of Lesvos is also known for its remarkable highlights and museums. Every year a lot of people visit them to admire their beauty and uniqueness. The most popular museum is the Petrified forest in Sigri which is one the most beautiful monuments of the global geological heritage. Castles , churches , museums and more monuments can fill your time by learning about the history of  Lesvos
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